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Gambling is one of the biggest taboos you could think of. To some, it is a plague, to others it is a pleasant pastime. The point at this very moment is not to judge, though, but to expand on how casino games fare in modern times. Surely, what else could have been done, in this era of eternally-evolving technology, than to create what is known as an online casino? The virtual alternative allows enthusiasts to play and wager over the Internet and it has grown into a most prolific new-age facet of gambling.

As a generally-accepted fact, web-casinos publish and offer odds and payback percentages (with slot machines, for example) somewhat more appealing than those you see from land-based ones. Given the cyber-environment, supposedly appropriate and finely-tuned programs are the key factor to the well running of games such as blackjack. In simpler words, it is all in the hands of random number generators, meaning that the governor of who and how much wins is this “robotic” form of the concept of luck. It is a common practice amongst online casinos to rent (or buy) their software from companies the likes of CryptoLogic Inc., International Game Technology, Microgaming, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, et cetera.

Online Casino is divided into 2 categories

A first distinction could be made and online casinos divided into two categories: web-based and download-based. These terms are self-explanatory enough – the first offering direct play on the website, with no downloading necessary, but in turn requiring bandwidth and plugins (Java, Flash, Shockwave) and the second offering faster and smoother performance since everything is being run by a provided software client, the cost being that the first-time download might prove lengthy in terms of time needed to fetch all the needed resources, possible updates and patches and, of course, the ever-present risk of malware sneaking into your device.

Bonuses on Online Casinos

One of the trademark features of these virtual gaming environments is bonuses. A multitude of online casinos offer such incentives at various occasions, sign up and the first deposit made being two examples. Frankly, bonuses embody a marketing strategy meant to attract players – your “loyalty” in exchange for their “kindness” and at the end of the day, do not seem like an awful deal, but rather fair. For reasons easy to fathom, the virtual offertants’ house edge keeps customers from abusing this or running risk-free game maneuvers, thus walking away with free gains, ensuring that you use this “gift” the way they meant to give it – in order to easily start playing with a decent stock behind you until you get the gist of it. Positive point or not, bonuses are undoubtedly a source of abuse since fraud is possible on both sides – a player can exploit them via multiple accounts and a casino can alter terms and conditions without notice.

Since the above correlates, let us deal with legality: legislations regarding online gambling vary depending on country and location and it is to nobody’s surprise that certain loopholes might appear. To exemplify, Belgium, Canada, Finland and Sweden (to name a few) run state monopolies on gambling and do not license foreigners – their own casino operators are the only ones to be considered legal. In spite of this, there is nothing they can do to prosecute the “competition”, but what can be done is to block them – meaning that in such countries, certain online casinos based in other, restricted locations cannot be accessed. Consequently, neither can players in these countries be punished, as they can only gamble on platforms they are free and able to use.

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  1. I was the biggest child of the family, I was also the worst, disobedient and even selfish. My parents thought I was spending my money on alcohol even that I had never come home drunk. They found out late that I was a fan of gambling. In most cases I was playing online so I did not have to leave the house, so they did not know what was going on. After a while I started to get better and better at different casino games and I started to gain more and more. Even if my parents did not agree, they realized I would not quit. That’s been a few years ago, since then we’ve reduced both the playing time and the money I spend on the games. Be carefully!

  2. I tried micro a few times and also found I had much more success playing 1-2 and 2-5. I think one of the problems with micro stakes is you don’t see a lot of large pots which makes the effective rake % much higher. Over time that percentage really adds up. I think there are other differences (I have much more success live than online in general) that made a difference for me but that was definitely a big part of it.

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