European Roulette

European Roulette

European Roulette

As already made clear in the previous article, there are different versions of the ancient game of roulette. Here we go deeper into the European roulette and the rules are explained.

The biggest difference between European and American roulette is that there is only one zero on the roulette wheel is in the first case. The game is therefore also known under the term “single zero roulette”. If you encounter this term in an online casino roulette, you know immediately that this is European roulette. The biggest advantage of choosing this variant is of course that it is automatically a higher rate of return than when choosing the version with two zero pockets. It is therefore the most popular variant, there are currently playing.

When you choose one of the Dutch casinos where the online roulette iDeal is offered, then the chances are that you automatically for the European roulette will go. This version is offered as standard and it is only for the daredevils who prefer to put more on the line going to the American roulette. Beginners course we recommend to go for the European version, because here higher chances of winning are involved. The numbers go on the wheel from zero to thirty-six, giving a total of thirty-seven boxes. These are divided into red and black, and so there are eighteen red and eighteen black numbers, with the exception of the zero box that is shown in green.

The roulette rules of the European roulette are fortunately not so complicated and easy to learn with the help of a web site such as this. The images and boxes on the virtual roulette table speak largely for themselves and therefore anyone can choose to try this game. The roulette table designed so that the colors and the numbers on the table in exact proportion to the numbers and the colors of the roulette wheel. It is therefore not difficult to work out at what box you should use to correspond with a particular box on the wheel.

It is striking that the chips, not like in American roulette are multi colored , but that there is made in the European roulette game use is made of standard chips that pulls together the croupier with the aid of a small spade. If you have chosen to live online roulette you can follow exactly via webcam. In European casinos are usually two playgrounds and a wheel in the middle so that it can play up to sixteen players simultaneously. Three people are in charge of the game. A at the wheel and the other two at the playing field. It is quite normal that there are different betting minimums and maximums are per table. In American roulette, there is often only room for six players. This is so much smaller scale.

Since not all roulette variants have the same house edge, it is important to be well aware of the specifications so that it can be made clear informed choice. Information is key here and each player is only won it and became good lights in advance in order to be well prepared to get started. Of course it is possible to first perform a free game of European roulette so much needed to gain experience before they begin the real work. For beginners, it can all be very overwhelming and it is highly recommended to practice first. It would be a shame if made by inaccuracy and ignorance errors because this you will come to bear. At every turn where there is gambling will lose played the entire bet wrong.

Also in European roulette is true of course, that is deployed in the more boxes, the greater the chances will be to win money. If you choose to use only a single subject, then the probability of only one in thirty-seven that the ball stops on that particular box, but if this is the case, then the payoff is huge. Depending on your bet there will be thirty-six times your bet amount will be paid to the European roulette game. This can be absolutely amazing if we chose to play amounts with high stakes. Of course this brings also huge risks with it, as is the case in each version of the roulette game, but if it is possible for your budget, then of course this should not be a problem.

Roulette thus arose centuries ago in France and this was the basis of the popular game that we know today. With a history that mainly happens in the real brick casinos contrast is great because today find virtually anything virtual place. It is certainly a very special history and one that compares with no other casino game. Roulette has an impressive history, but it’s the future that will surprise us yet. The many technological changes that have occurred in recent years have been a nice nod in this direction

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